Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Making Money Online Video Tutorial

What's the best way to learn anything…see it done first hand in front of your very eyes? That's precisely how Dave Guindon does it with his Dave's Online Videos Membership programme.

Dave is based in Canada with a background in computer science. Basically what he has done with his videos is cut out all the "Guru" hype and uses the simplest terms that anyone can understand.

The videos are helpful to all whether you are new to the Internet or have been involved in Internet Marketing for sometime. Some of the information and methods are so simple that you'll be amazed that you have never been told or found out about them before. Many people are saying that his video teaching methods and easy to understand styles are a complete breath of fresh air compared to most.

For many the best part is when David shows you, in great detail, (with videos) starting with how to sell information products on eBay, how to create an eBay "About Me Page" to generate income, how to create a newsletter, etc.etc….the list goes on.

Another advantage is that Dave can be contacted direct by email if you have any query or question that cannot be answered by a very comprehensive FAQ section.

Dave makes a video tutorial every month, so you know the information will be up to date. All show a step-by-step method on how to make money online. There are also several products available that come with resell rights included, to get you started straight away.

Watching over the shoulder of an expert who's successful in making money online via Internet Marketing and admitting to mistakes made in the past, presented in a simple easy to understand style, is well worth the $27 a month membership.

Take a look for yourself and see how easy it can be done and build a successful online business at http://any-income.com

Happy viewing!

Monday, 15 February 2010

Affiliate Marketing Teleseminar System

There are many affiliate marketing plans that do not take the time to teach you step by step how to recreate the successful campaigns that they have used to become rich. My First Teleseminar is different because it takes you through an eight week training course, by the end of which you will know the language and skills that you need to host and promote successful teleseminars in your niche. In addition, you will get resources such as html based copy and paste templates that you can use to get started and promote your teleseminars and related products.

My First Teleseminar jump starts you into the system by giving you some quckstart steps to take in order to schedule and promote your first teleseminar. It then teaches you how to host that first teleseminar so that you can feel comfortable as a public speaker, even if that has never been your forte in the past. During the following six weeks of the My First Teleseminar training system, you will learn more in-depth techniques that will enable you to market more effectively, ensure attendance at the seminars, and follow up with clients to build your lists and create more lasting revenue.

http://bit.ly/cL8Lt0 Click Here To Download Your Free Teleseminar Guide

You might think that a system like this that trains you from the beginning with videos, audio recordings, screenshots, templates and more would cost hundreds of dollars, especially considering that it will make you thousands of dollars once you learn how to use it. Instead, you can get started for free with the CD of the first week's lessons and then decide if you want to continue with the course. The course itself is only two payments of $27 one of which is withdrawn at the start of the second week of classes, and the second of which is drawn going into the second month of classes. Cancel at any time for a full refund if you are not satisfied.

http://bit.ly/cL8Lt0 Click Here To Download Your Free Teleseminar Guide

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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

How To Choose The Best Network Marketing Mentor?

Everyone needs a mentor when trying new things. This is especially true in Network Marketing, where low start up costs and promises of "living the life of your dreams" often cause people to jump into the world of small business for the very first time. In these cases, it is very important to find the best sponsor or mentor, one that fits your personality and needs. But the 10 million dollar question is: How do you choose the BEST Network Marketing mentor?With websites full of glitz and bells and whistles it is often hard to see through all the flashing lights and uncover the people behind all the hype. But once you enter your name and email on their "capture page", you will likely begin receiving a series of autoresponder emails in your inbox. The good marketers will start branding themselves right away, letting you know more about them and what they offer their team. The poor marketers will hype their business and their opportunity. This is your first clue.

Most network marketers will include a link or two in their signature of their emails. These are usually sites you can explore to learn more about them. Study this information very carefully. What are the sites like? What is your would-be mentor like? Do they fit in with your personality? Visit the "About Me" section of their website (if there is one) and read their story. Your mentor needs to be someone you resonate with, so pay close attention to your gut on this one. Your initial reaction is usually the right one. This is your second clue.

Now is time to make contact, either by email or phone. Here is where most people get off track, wanting to learn every last detail about the opportunity. It's not that this doesn't matter, and you will certainly want to do your homework before joining any business, but what you want to find out right now is how your mentor-to-be supports their team.If you're just starting, the last thing you want is a mentor who signs you up and then never answers your phone calls again. This is rarely the case, but I have seen it happen. Ask about team trainings and the availability of one-on-one sessions. You should come away from these conversations with a good feeling about the support you would receive should you sign up. This is your third clue.

There's still more homework to do. Ask your future mentor for any testimonials from his students. Here is a little secret that I've found -- many network marketers are now getting testimonials on their sites from other entrepreneurs. While they are important (I have them, too), what's more important for you at this stage are testimonials from other students or team members. You'll want to pay particular attention to the kind of support they received when they first joined. This is your fourth clue.

One final word about choosing the best network marketing mentor. While you will require a certain amount of hand holding when you first start, ultimately you will want a sponsor who will not tell you the answers to all your questions. Does that sound ridiculous? Hold on, it makes sense.You've probably heard the old Chinese proverb, "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." The same applies to Network Marketing. You want a mentor who will show you where to find the answers to your questions and where to get the extra training you may desire. If your sponsor spoon feeds you everything, what will you do if he or she leaves the company? You never want to be in a situation where you're totally dependent on someone else for your success!The best Network Marketing mentor is one who will help you get started out of the gate, but ultimately will empower you as an independent entrepreneur.

YourNetBiz is one of the best online business and coaching companies. For more information go to http://www.activeautoincome.com/

Dr. Bob Clarke coaches and mentors new and experienced entrepreneurs in making money online with integrity, honesty, and professionalism. He is a marketing and branding expert who empowers his team to become successful, independent entrepreneurs. To access more of Dr. Clarke's free training, visit http://bobandrosemary.com/ Apply directly to become part of Dr. Clarke's entrepreneurial team at http://yourtimeforfreedom.com/?t=ezartArticle Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Dr._Bob_Clarke http://EzineArticles.com/?How-to-Choose-the-Best-Network-Marketing-Mentor&id=3007824

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Expert Advice For Start-Up Business

Who do you go to when you have a medical problem? A first-year med student? No, you go to a professional doctor. It amazes me how many new entrepreneurs look to other “newbies” like themselves for advice.

This is what the long standing experts have to say.

Troy Olson: Prepaid Legal Services http://prepaidlegal.com/go/troyolson
“I tell new associates in the business to treat the start-up cost like they spent 100 times the actual start-up cost. Treat it like a business and it will pay you like a business. Treat it like a hobby and it will pay you like a hobby. Most people start part-time so it’s important that the time they put into their business is well-focused.

Teddy Hickox: EcoQuest International Salesmanager http://www.ecoquest.com/
“I advise people to really check out the owners of these home-based business opportunities and see what kind of background they have. Found out how many people in your state are doing well in the company you are evaluating. You should start any new business off by making sure that the company has a market niche and can handle big growth. Begin with one-to-one meetings and then do home meetings and eventually big meetings. The key to success is duplication!

Ben Neumann: Founder/President of Ad-Ventures and Icom http://www.iboost.com/ “ dedication and self-discipline make things work in life! No matter if we are talking about a relationship or a new venture, you will go through ups and downs, through happiness and fights in both areas of your life. An entrepreneur should not start his business with the motivation of becoming rich as the number one priority. If you love what you do, you can be a totally happy person without ever earning a fortune.

Anne Thornley-Brown: CEO of The Training Oasis http://www.thetrainingoasis.com/
“Don’t hang out with your own crowd. Go where your customers go. Identify a niche and target your marketing efforts there. Join the professional associations to which potential customers belong, write for their publications, and speak at their conferences. Go to trade shows. Don’t scrimp on your marketing material. Like it or not people gather first impressions based on your business card and stationery. Scrimp in this area and you may be sending an unintentional message about the quality of your service. Get advice…lots of it and don’t just go to people who’ll tell you you’re great. Seek people who will give you tough feedback and then use it to learn and grow.

Thor Christianson: CEO of Commercial Lease Solutions
http://www.mrlease.com/ I market heavily on the Internet and our web site is our first impression. Initially, it was not a very good one. We’ve had to go back and start from scratch. The perception of you by your customers is essential. If you do not get the chance to show customers how good you are, you have lost. An even better tip would be not to fault your mistakes too heavily- you will make them. Smile, fix the mistake, and keep going. Persistence always pays off!

These are views and opinions from the real experts, why listen to someone who thinks they are one. Good advice.

For information on a great "at home" business, full or part time go to

Monday, 14 September 2009

Choose The Right Business

Searching for a home-based Internet business can be quite a challenge. It takes research and study to make the right choice. It’s so important that you make the right choice. There are quite a few options, and it can be overwhelming, unless you follow a few simple guidelines.

Ask yourself the following:

What do you plan to get out of the Internet business? Maybe it’s down to time. You may want to spend more time with your family.

Money is a (very) good reason. Enjoying what you are doing. If you don't enjoy doing it, what's the point?

What do you plan to put into your home-based Internet business?

Are you willing to put in the time, effort and money it takes to make it successful?

How much money can you spend on your Internet home business? This may include the initial cost for the business plus any additional costs: advertising, website set-up, domain naming service, etc.

What are your plans for your business?

When are you planning to retire, 2 years, 5 years, 10?

How much money do you plan to make?

What are you willing to do to make your work at home business a success?

Are you willing to use different avenues to get your business advertised?

The questions above should be your goals. Goals are so important! One problem that most people run into is that they think that once their goals are set that it's fine just to leave it like that. Goals must be constantly upgraded, so if you reach a goal then another one should be put in.

Some work at home businesses have very good systems that guide you through the process of getting started while others have a training program that is not quite as good. If you are just starting out this is very important.

Everybody has strengths and weaknesses, finding a home business that capitalizes on your strengths while helping you with weaknesses is a win-win situation.
Start by making a list of your strengths and your weaknesses, once you have these listed, it's now time to do the research!

Research can be as easy as doing a search online for home-based Internet business or as complicated as reading page after page of sales pages. What it boils down to is how well you answered your above questions and how realistic your answers are. In other words, saying that you want to make a million by next week is not very realistic and the chances of doing that are very slim. So, if you're having trouble finding a business that fits into your guidelines then maybe you need to go back through the questions again!

Is a home-based Internet business right for you?

Let's do some comparisons of home-based Internet business to the 40+ work week (the Grind)! What value can you place on time? Time is limited - there is only 24 hours in a day!If you spend 8 hours sleeping that leaves just 16 hours left! If you work 8, 10 or 12 hours working that leaves just 4 hours! With 4 hours you will need to spend some of that time to prepare for work, getting ready and then there is the journey time to get to work. Plus, you'll have to take some time to eat, go shopping, plus work around the house needs to be done. So how much time does that leave you to spend with your family? Little or None!

The time that we spend without our families is lost. Pretty soon there will be no more tomorrows. Kids grow up so fast and soon they will be off on their own and how much did you miss out on because of the grind of working for someone else?

Does all this ring true?

What makes a difference when someone you've never met says to you that they have a good system for making money online at home? Experience - if you talk with someone who has experience with what you are going through or has been around the block a few times and has seen the struggles that many have gone through, doesn't that build trust and justify the statements that the person is telling you?I’ve looked at many online businesses, only to be disappointed. One of the worst things I've found is that some programs/schemes you pay for were just to sell that program with no intrinsic value in them what so ever! No support. No back up. No Coach. No Mentor.

You need to seek out an online business that has a proven track record. One that is not offering a “get rich quick” scheme. (They don’t exist) It’s a business you are looking at, so with time, patience, and the right guidance, will be very profitable. So why waste your time with a 40+ hour job, when there is an alternative?

So many people are asleep and don't even realize that there is something better. Now that you know better you can make the change to a better life! Don't let another missed opportunity pass you by, follow your dreams to financial freedom!Switching from the "grind" to a home-based Internet business is not that hard!

So you can take back that time and spend with your family or on other hobbies or what ever you would like! That is your time! Take charge of your future and make the most of it. Go on vacations whenever you want. Live your life to the fullest! Be your own boss, work your own hours, go to "work" in your pyjamas if you want to! Follow your dreams and soon you'll have enough money that you won't know what to do with it all! Your future is waiting for you!

To make that first step visit

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Making Money Online

The Internet brings the world together with a click of the mouse. Every few seconds people from all over the world decide to come online for the first time. With the Internet far surpassing other mediums in terms of reach and the time it takes to communicate, it has become the most profitable medium for doing business.

More and more people are deciding to go into business for themselves and taking advantage of the powerful tool of the Internet to automate their business systems. What could be more rewarding than to put a business system in place that automates such tasks as promoting products, targeting prospects and even closing web site visitors into paying customers? Making money online has now become easy when you have a solid marketing system in place to drive traffic and take orders.

Offline businesses are seeing the relative ease of making money online and are expanding their marketing efforts to take full advantage of the Internet and its ability to virally market products to a worldwide market. Making money online has now been made easy with the help of innovative marketing professionals and pioneers who have already put in the hard work of researching and discovering what makes money online and what does not.

For instance, there is actually a product that reveals a proven system to consistently drive traffic to any money making website, and makes it easy to do everyday. With the rise of more and more people every few minutes seeking ways of making money online, those systems that have made the biggest impact on the way people actually are making money online are those systems that make making money online simple. (Bit of a mouthful)!!!!

This means not having to spend long hours searching for new ways of advertising or dealing with customers. There is actually a system that positions a website that will pre-screen each visitor to your website into interested, targeted and qualified prospects, who will put money in your pocket over and over again on virtual autopilot, and even earn you commission checks for making money online themselves.

There are tutorial videos available that will take you by the hand and explain in a way that’s easy to understand and actually show you how you begin making money online, using a system that has already been very successful and proven. This means that even if you are one of those people who have just decided to take your financial future into your own hands, by deciding to find out the easiest way to begin receiving an online income, you can get started right away and begin earning.

What a great feeling to wake up at your leisure and instead of having an alarm clock to welcome you to the new day, discover an email inbox with notifications of sales that your marketing system made for you while you took it easy. Making money online has been made easy. It's not hard at all once you learn how. Just click on the link below to see for yourself.


Grab a coffee, put your feet up and enjoy the video tour. You won’t be disappointed.


Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Which Online Business?

If you have limited business experience and at the same time want to get involved in starting your own business the best way to get started is going to be to start a business on the Internet. The reason I say this is because conventional business is going to be a little tough to start if you have no experience whatsoever, and of course you're going to have to invest a lot of money.

When starting a business on the Internet you're actually going to be able to start it without putting a lot of money into it and only investing your time into learning what the Internet is all about, and how you can utilize it to your advantage.

The great thing about the Internet is that all the information that you are seeking to learn is always available everywhere online, all you have to do is dedicate some time on a daily basis to educating yourself. This is why limited business experience is not an obstacle when it comes to starting a business on the Internet.

What you have to do is dedicate enough time to getting educated on how to run an Internet business. The good thing is going to be that you can do all of this from home, in a timely fashion that suits you. A mistake that most people make is suffering from "information overload". Cramming too much in too soon can have a negative effect.

You're going to gain the experience necessary to run a business from the Internet because you're going to continue to learn as you move forward. The one thing that you have to do is make sure you get a lot of information on the business that you want to get involved in before you do.

One of the best on-line businesses during this present economic climate is Internet Marketing . Make sure you visit this site for more information. http://www.activeautoincome.com/